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Let us explain what we do, then, if you call us you will know exactly what to expect and there will be no surprises.

We arrange the supply, installation, commissioning, servicing and ongoing maintenance and running of commercial biomass boilers.
A commercial biomass boiler is one that burns biomass (typically woodchips or pellets) rather than fossil fuels (oil and gas)

As biomass is grown commercially for fuel it is effectively carbon neutral and 100% sustainable, thus helping the envirnoment.
It is not open to fluctuation by large oil companies and it is not running out.
Best of all, it costs less than all these fossil fuels.

Not all sites or premises are suitable for heating with biomass (although most are) so the first thing we do is visit your site to appraise suitability. Whilst there we will take photographs and measurements as required for our survey.

We will look at your existing heating system and together with you, we will calculate your current heating costs so that we can establish savings and/or income that can be derived from switching to a biomass system.

We will then leave and determine what options we have for you to save money, make money or a combination of the two (it is business afterall) whilst at the same time help the environment.

There is NO OBLIGATION in this process, we only want you to do anything that benefits you (a coffee while we're there would be nice though)
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